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Calvin Klein

The Calvin Klein name got its place along with the most famous designers of the fashion world long ago. In 1978, Calvin showed the world his own vision of the fact that even simplest and casual things can be fashionable and stylish. In that distant year, first designer jeans appeared in the Calvin's collection. And they became a top seller owing to their simplicity and sexuality. All other collections only made the brand more popular among customers.

Collections of underwear, perfumes, shoes, and accessories became something of a cult. Calvin understood that the image he is trying to create with the help of his collections would not be complete without trifles. That's the reason why so many splendid fragrances are produced by the Calvin Klein brand. Having soft spot for scents, Calvin put much effort in creating a line of fragrances. Success came to the designer owing to jean clothes and different accessories for men and women. It's thought that the “unisex” and “military” styles were invented by Calvin. That's why one cannot underestimate his contribution to fashion development. But at the moment many people associate the Calvin Klein brand with fragrances. Statistics show that Calvin Klein is one of the most recognized brands among fragrance producers not only in Europe, but also in CIS countries.

Is it worth mentioning that the brand is very popular among young people? Everybody who follows fashion trends and tries to dress in accordance with them should definitely remember about the official calvinklein.com online store. With its help, you will know about all new trends of the brand and all changes of fashion in general.

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