About Us

Bunddler – the best choice for every shopaholic who likes to do web shopping in any shop of over the world. Bunddler.com is a catalog of coupons and deals integrated with marketing and order tracking tool for shopping assistants who help disadvantaged individuals to place orders online.

For example, someone who does not have a credit or debit card, or is afraid of making a mistake when placing an order on a website in non-native language will use services of a shopping assistant in order to place orders online. This is a portion of population that normally does not have access to online shopping or chooses not to use it on their own, and Bunddler helps find people who would assist them with placing purchases, as well as manage process of a purchase in their own language.

Bunddler features catalog of shopping assistants with reviews and ratings by customers, a list of coupons and deals in popular online stores, and a directory of popular online stores with descriptions translated into local language of customers.

Customers find shopping assistants through Bunddler, and explain what they are looking to purchase. They either find products/deals on our website or directly on online store s website. Then customers send product links to shopping assistant, or work with them offline. Shopping assistant places orders on behalf of customer and ships them directly to customer, or to their own location (for sorting and delivery by hand), or through a freight forwarder.

Bunddler is also a perfect helper for web shopping assistants who help people choose, pay and get their purchase. Bunddler provides all necessary tools for communication with buyers, accepting and processing orders and supporting of accounting.

Bunddler was founded in 2011 by a team of professionals for many years engaged in the development of professional web-solutions for large companies. At that time we were not aware about web shopping assistants and their problems. It was just happenstance, to be more exact, we met one unhappy person worked web shopping assistant and got stuck in hurrah's nest of mails, Excel forms and Skype s messages. At that moment the only one thing we knew for sure was this should not be that way. Taking into consideration that we have a great experience in automation business process we decided to develop a small service for assistances. This process captivated us (we were captivated by process) and gradually service became more (and more) functional and our team began to understand the intricacies of international shopping.

Now Bunddler is the best and perhaps the sole system management of orders, payments and mails which is focused on the assistance work. There are more than 4 thousand businesses have entrusted us from more than 10 countries of the world. Thanks to the internal and external investments, we continue to develop services functionality and constantly adding new and important things.