Privacy Policy

  1. Bunddler (“Company”) operates a website offering a variety of products and services (“Site”). This notice outlines the privacy policies of the Site. By visiting this website, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy.
  2. In order to ensure continuous operations of the Site, and provide support to Site’s user (“Users” or “Users” if plural), Company collects, stores, protects, and uses information about User (“User Personal Information”) in accordance with the provisions specified below.
  3. In accordance with the hereby provisions, User’s Personal Information includes:
    • Information received by the http-server when accessing the Site (IP address, host address, time, User’s operational system…);
    • Information provided by the User includes, but not limited to: email address, login, password, names, contact information;
    • Other information gathered or compiled by the Site using various tools, including Cookies: page view statistics, amount of sent and received data. The User can limit the access of cookies; however the Company warns that that may have an adverse effect on the further usage of the Site.
  4. he Company uses third parties to collect information about the Users using cookies in order to implement changes and enhancements to the Site and services provided.
  5. The Company uses personal information due to the peculiarities of providing services via Internet. The collected information is used for the following:
    • Maintenance of critical Site functions;
    • Calculation of payment amount for individual services;
    • Research and analysis of potential errors and malfunctions;
    • Definition and analysis of User’ss preferences, Site modifications based on the analysis of these preferences for enhanced user experience, personalized marketing suggestions;
    • Support for disputes and resolutions;
    • Customer communication;
    • Other purposes connected with the Site maintenance and improvements.
  6. The Company has the right to analyze the Buyer’s orders for statistical purposes.
  7. Personal information is considered confidential and not subject to public disclosure, except as provided in Terms and Conditions, and cannot be provided for free or sold to third parties without the User’s content. The Company uses various tools to protect personal information from unauthorized access or disclosure. The company does not guarantee and is not liable for the unlawful actions of third parties, and in case of potential lawsuits and legal action relieves the right to disclose some information in order to protect the rights and safety of other Users.
  8. Access to personal information is granted to:
    • Entities entitled so by the USA legislation;
    • Entities responsible for the Site functionality if required to do so.
  9. 9. The company is not responsible for disclosure of Personal Information published by Users in publicly accessible areas of Site, or Personal Information of third parties disclosed by Users in publicly accessible areas of Site.