How It Works

Are you an inveterate shopaholic and you cannot resist temptation of buying yourself another pair of shoes or winter jacket at laughable price? But still you know that online stores in your country do not offer such wide variety of products at affordable prices as stores in Europe, the USA and China do. In this case Bunddler is just for you.

Of course, you can buy everything yourself, but you can encounter many problems, and there are only several of them:

All these problems will be solved if you use help of assistant. It's most advantageous if you make purchases regularly.

Benefits of purchases made with the help of assistant:

  1. You don't need to spend time on making an order and paying for products in each store. You can do it once in Bunddler, on the language you understand.
  2. You can always contact assistant and ask them any questions concerning characteristics of products.
  3. The cost of international delivery will be much lower (!), because a assistant joins orders of many clients into one. For example, if delivery of one pair of shoes from the site costs approximately $40, a assistant will deliver it for less than $10. Besides, they can offer you other ways of delivery that stores don't – for example, delivery by sea that is much cheaper.
  4. You can order only one thing and delivery cost will be almost zero.
  5. The price of the product itself may turn out to be even lower than that stated on the site. Due to the fact that usually a middleman orders many goods for different clients from the store site, they get significant discount, part of which applies to your order as well.
  6. You don't need to worry about parcel getting lost or detained by customs. Assistant manages all these tasks and takes care of risks.

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