Bunddler for Purchasing Assistants

One Platform for Assisted Purchasing & Mail Forwarding

Bunddler is a service for assistants, resellers and shippers worldwide who manage and place online orders for customers. We offer unique set of tools designed specifically for your industry.

If you are interested in streamlining order and communication processes, we welcome you.

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Bunddler was born out a simple need: we all need more time. We realized that time spent on going throgh piles of email in Inbox, managing countless Excel spreadsheets, replying to the same question over and over again is time wasted. Enter Bunddler.

We streamlined ordering process. We found new ways to make more money for you, our customers, without doing any more work (in fact, doing less!). We carefully looked at what is important for your customers, and made sure system does exactly that.

If it sounds too good to be true we invite you to register and give Bunddler a try. We promise you will not regret this. If you are just curious, take a look at the features below, and feel free to check out our system without registration.

Order Form

If you assist with placing purchases in foreign web stores, this is what you need. No more forms in Excel or Google docs, letters and personal messages on forums. Just give the order form link to your clients, or publish form on your website. Bunddler will send you an email with all details of the new order, and provide you with tools to streamline the process.

example of order form

Web Store

Do you have 5 min? That is all you need to create your own web store in Bunddler. A simple and elegant interface makes this process intuitive and fun. Use it for your own items, or as a part of your purchasing assistance process. Available functions:

  • Product categories
  • Product features (colors, sizes , etc)
  • Product pictures
  • Shopping cart
  • User-friendly design

example of web store

Order Management

This is why we created Bunddler. Our goal was to create a system that is functional, simple and convenient for daily use. Be our judge. Main functions:

  • View orders by status (new, processing, etc)
  • Group orders
  • Filtering
  • Quick access to order details and editing
  • Track payments

Track Shipments

Assisted purchasing process often involves a shipping company that consolidates multiple orders into one shipment. Bunddler knows how this process works, and will help you with it's management. Your clients will know which shipment contains their orders, and will be able to track it. No more emails with "so, where is my order?"

Purchase Management

If you accept orders for assisted delivery from web stores, then purchase management will help you group these orders by web store, and web-purchasing tool will speed up the process - see it in action.

If you manage joint ordering, or own a web store, then use this tool to create orders for your suppliers. It's a great tool for reporting and tracking of expenses.

Email, SMS Notifications

Email correspondence with clients always takes a lot of time. Often you have to answer the same questions about an order over and over again. Bunddler will try to take care of a part of this work. It will let your client know when their order is accepted or cancelled, already processed and sent to them, or is still at the shipper waiting to be sent. Detailed notifications about all of your orders are also sent to you.

We also have an internal messaging system for communications between you and your client. You will receive an email with all questions your clients send you.

Directory of Web Stores and Assistants

When you register with Bunddler you automatically get into our catalog of purchase assistants and web stores. We will invest into marketing and SEO, and as a result you will get new clients. Many customers prefer to work with local assistants, that's why information is grouped by countries and cities.

See the list of already registered assistants and purchasing providers here.

Create Your Own Website

If you are a shopping assistance or mail-forwarding company and do not have professional website yet – create it with Bunddler within 5 minutes. Our premium subscription provides the following features:

  • You can use your custom domain.
  • Simple and functional website CMS.
  • Use of standard design themes or ability to create your own custom design.
  • Integration with payment systems.
  • Additional features like virtual address support, customer packages, etc.

Your own website is the next step in your business development!

<div id="webOrderForm"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
    var _bunddlerSettings = {
        tenant: 'ваш ник',
        container: 'webOrderForm',
        theme: ''
    (function () {
        var bunddler = document.createElement('script');
        bunddler.type = 'text/javascript';
        bunddler.async = true;
        bunddler.src = 'http://bunddler.com/Assets/Scripts/webOrderEmbedded.js';
        var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
        s.parentNode.insertBefore(bunddler, s);

for Existing Websites

If you are a purchasing assistant, and you already have your own website, and you want to place the order form directly on it, there is nothing easier. Just insert the code below in any place on your page:

If you site is not wide enough, use value for theme: 'narrow' or theme: 'narrow2'

Please let us know if you need form in different color or size.