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Now there is hardly a person who uses Internet but does not know anything about eBay. That's why there is no point in writing that it is a huge e-mall where you can buy different goods. However, it's worth mentioning that for citizens of the CIS countries eBay is a store to get clothes, footwear and different electronics in the first place. These are the goods ordered by our compatriots most frequently. Why these goods? The answer is simple: price and quality. All of us know perfectly well that quality requirements abroad are higher, and prices are quite reasonable due to severe competition. Of course, many brands opened their branches in the CIS countries. But usually commodity prices in such stores are very high and not many people can afford to buy goods there. As Internet becomes more and more popular, everybody who can use it has an opportunity to order goods by the brand that they could not afford earlier.

Of course, purchasing through the Internet has its shortcomings. For example, it's very difficult to return your order if the thing turned out to be defective or you just did not like it, or the parcel was lost; it's also impossible just to touch the thing you want to buy. But these fears don't stop the popularity of purchases through the Internet from growing. At the moment approximately 50% of all purchases made through the Internet are made on eBay and Amazon. It tells its own story.

If you haven't joined the people who make purchases via Internet yet, you should start with such resources as eBay. Buy products from the vendors that gained trust long ago and the quality of which is out of question.

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