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Children's Place

Children's Place is a large store chain consisting of more than 1000 stores around the world. Children's Place offers wide range of goods for babies and children up to 12-14 years old. The brand has been famous for a while, because it appeared on the market in 1969. Back then the company decided that its products will be compared favourably with other products owing to price. But time showed that it's necessary to keep the quality of products high to gain customers' trust. After that the Children's Place brand began to compete with more expensive brands owing to the price-quality relationship. Nevertheless, the company managed to significantly reduce prices owing to relocating production of goods to China, Turkey, Vietnam. Tight control over production process ensures high quality at extremely low price.

In spite of large number of stores around the world, they cannot respond to the growing demand of products by this brand. The childrensplace.com online store is entitled to solve this problem.

The site is very easy to use. Menu is divided in accordance with age of children. For example, there are the following sections: “Boy”, “Girl” for 4-14 year old children, “Baby Boy” and “Baby Boy” for children from 6 months to 4 years old, and “Newborn”. Each of these sections has many subsections in which products are sorted by categories.

It's worth to remember about the "Clearance" section, where all special offers and products with discounts are gathered. If you take into account that prices in Children's Place are low, with a 50% discount the products will become almost gratuitous.

At Children's Place, customers are treated with respect. Customer support center will always answer your questions and help if any problem occurs. You can return your purchase during 45 days.

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