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Gap, Oldnavy


The GAP company was established in 1969 in San Francisco. The store was targeted at youth audience from the very beginning. The main product of those days were jeans. But the business developed rapidly, and now the company became a corporation that has many branches all around the world. GAP joins several brands trends of which differ a bit: Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime, and Athleta.

There is not only wide range of men and women apparel at gap.com. In the store, you can also find cosmetics and perfumes, hats, bags, underwear, and different accessories. Popular “Casual” style is represented by wide variety of products at gap.com. Once flippant and futile clothes of casual style were created only as comfortable pieces of clothing, but now “Casual” clothes gained their own unique style. Street practicality is combined with the newest designer solutions and represents the style of current times.

gap.com joins several different stores selling clothes. At the top of the page you'll see tabs that will lead you to the pages of such stores as Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime, and Athleta. Different stores represent different trends, but still work as a whole. For example, if you make orders in different stores at once, all goods will be added to one cart for you.

Old Navy

This store offers goods for the whole family. Low prices on the available products are the peculiarity of this store. High quality of products makes Old Navy very attractive for every family of the middle class.

The site itself is user-friendly and even child can navigate it. All products are divided into categories corresponding to potential customers: “Women”, “Women's Plus Sizes”, “Maternity”, “Men”, “Girls”, “Boys”, “Newborn (0-24 months)”, “Toddler Boys (6 months-6 years)”, “Toddler Girls (6 months-6 years)”, “Shoes and Accessories”.

Also you will find a lot of useful information on the site. You should also keep in mind that every section in the store has its own offers with discounts or actions. Sometimes discounts reach 60% and they are impossible to resist.

Banana Republic

This store specializes in goods of premium class. There you can find high-quality things of different styles. For example, for doing sports, just active rest, or business meeting, or you are interested in comfortable casual wear and footwear – all this you can find on the pages of Banana Republic.

Besides clothes, Banana Republic offers wide variety of different accessories, bijouterie, wallets, belts, bags, ties, etc.


Footwear is the main specialization of this store. Footwear in the store is divided into shoes for men, women, and children. But in the section for women you can also find wide variety of clothes. Footwear of different brands is available in the store. If you prefer some definite brand, you can choose it from the list of brands available in the corresponding section. The Shoes&Accessories section offers wide range of bags, jewelry, and shoes. All products are sorted by categories.

Section containing presents and sales is a must to view. You can always find an interesting offer there. Things from famous brands can be frequently found there at lower prices than on official sites of manufacturers.


The main specialization of this store is women sportswear. Of course, such sppecialization makes it necessary for Athleta not only provide wide variety of products, but also offer the best things on the market. High-quality materials and perfect cut not just highlight the beauty of body, but also allows it to breathe. There you will find wide range of swimsuits, different accessories, bags, watches.

The range of products is not limited only by sports goods. The variety of casual wear is also wide. All clothes are of sports style, for example, sweaters, skirts, tunics, and dresses.

GAP is well-know in the USA. It's popular owing to the quality of goods and low prices. Now this variety of products is available to everyone. Goods can be delivered to Ukraine and Baltic countries by DHL delivery service. Keep in mind that custom fees will be included into the delivery cost.

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