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JC Penney

The JC Penney company was established in 1902. James Penney is its founder. In those distant times he sold jeans and clothes for builders. As time went by the company grew into a large chain of hypermarkets scattered around the whole USA. Since 1994, the company put its hopes in new technologies and started to sell its products via Internet. At the moment significant part of all sales of the company is completed via the jcpenney.com online store.

In spite of the wide range of different products, the store is easy to navigate. Clothes, shoes, cosmetics and perfumes for men and women are offered in the “Women” and “Men” sections. There is also wide variety of different accessories. Sections “Kids” and “Baby” offer all goods for children, and these goods are sorted by the age of children. The “Jewelry & Watches” section offers you jewelry. Watches in this section are divided into categories for men, women, and children. The variety of them is wide: from ultra-modern to classic models. The most difficult part is to choose the watch you want among all available models. The largest section includes household goods, household chemicals, dishes, furniture for home and office, household appliances, and electronics.

Prices at jcpenney.com are low due to the huge product turnover. If you follow everything that's going on at jcpenney.com more carefully, and keep an eye on actions and special offers, your purchases will become even more advantageous and pleasant.

The store delivers goods to Russia, Ukraine, and Belorussia as well with the help of the USPS Priority mail service or UPS courier mail. You can pay using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB debit cards.

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