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The C&A company was established in the far 1841 in a Dutch town SNEK. At that time its name contained the names of brothers who founded it - Clemens and August Brenninkmeijer. Later its name was contracted to C&A. As time went by, the popularity of C&A grew, and its stores were opened around the whole country. Some time later C&A began to conquer other countries. Germany was the first one. Now you can find stores of this brand in Italy and Spain, Romania and Austria, France and Croatia, and also in such distant countries as Brazil, Mexico, and China.

The C&A brand is on the same level with such famous brands as H&M, V&D, Zara. In spite of such strong competition, the position of the brand on the market is stable, it has its customers, because C&A is not only goods of high quality, but also unique style that can be distinguished among wide variety of brands.

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